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Crater District Area Agency on Aging

23 Seyler Drive
Petersburg, VA 23805

(804) 732-7020 x404

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(804) 732-7020 x404

Who We Are

Crater District Area Agency on Aging offers a Weatherization/Winterization program. This program provides funds to reduce the heating and cooling costs for low-income families, and to ensure their health and safety. Priority is given to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and families with children.

These services include energy education, a home energy audit, heating system efficiency and safety inspections, heating system repair and/or replacement, insulation services, duct system diagnostics and repair, blower door directed air sealing, carbon monoxide testing, and other energy efficiency and conservation measures. Please call for more information.

Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Colonial Heights City
Dinwiddie County
Emporia City
Greensville County
Hopewell City
Petersburg City
Prince George County
Surry County
Sussex County

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Other Eligibility Criteria
Must be a senior citizen residing in service areas listed; individual with a disability or family with children. Assistance is available for income eligible homeowners or renters.

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Call the agency for more information.
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