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Cultivating Caregiving

Caregiving is commonly described as an experience in which caregivers cultivate resilience and endurance. But are there opportunities for caregivers to not only bounce back, but also bounce forward? Is there a new appreciation for life? A chance to rebuild a relationship? A possibility to increase personal strength and collective solidarity with other family caregivers?

Programming produced by Reimagine staff and its collaborative community of event hosts will focus on a number of themes related to caregiving:

  • For caregivers of all ages, what kind of support, resources, and opportunities are available?
  • What are the ways in which caregivers navigate and process anticipatory grief as their loved ones decline?
  • What challenges and opportunities are there for long-distance caregivers?
  • What solutions are there to our crisis of care and the absence of guaranteed paid leave?
  • How are health systems and workplaces adapting to the needs of caregivers, particularly those from immigrant families, those of diverse cultural, spiritual, and faith traditions, and those with limited English proficiency?
  • What do you say to a burnt-out family caregiver to provide them with comfort? Better yet, what do you DO for them?


  • May 8 - Let's Learn: Caregiving Across Cultures REGISTER
  • May 15 - Let's Experience: So You're a Caregiver, Now What? REGISTER
  • May 22 - Let's Take Action: From Burnout to Blossom REGISTER

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 Hosted by Reimagine, Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers